Most of us take great care of our upholstery. We make sure the shoes are off before we put our feet up, we try to keep the pets off and we all know someone who has gone so far as to cover it in plastic. Upholstery is made for appearance and to be used in everyday life.



Fabrics used in upholstery include linen and cotton. Types of furniture that may be cleaned include: armchairs, recliners, chairs, leather furniture, mattresses and sofas.

Fabrics used in upholstery cleaning may include Jacquards, linens, suedes, wools, tapestries, chenilles, damasks, velvets, vinyl and leather.


While you are sitting down after a long day of work; enjoying some TV or a great book, the oils from our skin (and our pets) are being absorbed by the fabric. This can cause staining, attract dust and other soils that build up over time.

Some upholstery may be easier to clean than others. A professional can assess the type of fabric and determine the most effective method of cleaning. The upholstery cleaning professionals can give you advice and assistance to restore your furniture for best results.

There is no single correct way to clean upholstery. It is important to remember though, to maintain special care when cleaning upholstery, not to damage the fabric and remove stains.

The benefits are that the upholstery can have a deep clean and be used immediately after the process has been completed.

Once your upholstery has been cleaned, a protective application may be applied against future soiling and reduce chances of permanent stains.


It is useful to regularly vacuum your upholstery, as this will improve its feel, cleanliness and appearance. It is useful to regularly vacuum your upholstery, as this will improve its feel, cleanliness and appearance. Try to reduce the amount of dust in your home by also vacuuming surfaces where dust collects.




Professional upholstery clean is recommended, so that your upholstery stays cleaner for longer.

At Payless Carpet Cleaning our Professional upholstery cleaners provide the best quality for our customers to make your upholstery smell good, feel soft and look great.



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